A community of geneticists across West Africa

The Genetics Society of West Africa was founded in 2023 to bring researchers, students and faculty together. The purpose of the society is to be the leading platform for genetic research, education, and collaboration in West Africa, driving scientific discoveries, translating findings into practical applications, and promoting sustainable development in the region.


• Promote and advance the understanding and application of genetics and related disciplines throughout West Africa.

• Foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among students, researchers, academics, and industry professionals in the region.

• Encourage ethical and responsible use of genetics to address regional challenges and improve the well-being of West African populations.

• Advocate for inclusive, diverse, and equal opportunities in genetics education, research, and industry.


• Build a vibrant and interconnected genetic community in West Africa that drives innovation, addresses societal challenges, and contributes to global scientific advancements.

• Create a platform for networking, capacity building, and career development opportunities for students, researchers, academics, and industry professionals interested in genetics and related fields.

• Establish collaborations with national and international organizations to facilitate knowledge transfer, technology transfer, and collaborative research projects.

• Engage policymakers and stakeholders to ensure that genetics research, applications, and policies are guided by ethical considerations, respect for human rights, and the best interests of West African communities.

Kwasi Agbleke, PhD


Sena Institute of Technology, Ghana

Prof. Charles Adetunji, PhD

Vice President and Country Representative, Nigeria

Prince Adomah


Peter Atidoglo

Science Coordinator

Ackon Asaaseh

Science Coordinator

Yahaya Sumara Sulley

Science Policy

Hannah Etta, PhD


Country Representative

Country Representative


Office: +233 24 944 0222


Dzodze-Penyi road, PEN-ANY-266
Penyi, Volta Region, Ghana